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“I hear everything you’re saying, I love it and I don’t think I’ve ever had a guest pull together so much of what we talk about here on the podcast like you!”

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Channel Mastery Podcast, - Kristin Carpenter, Host & CEO/Founder Verde Brand
“The Vision Werks process makes you face some hard truths about your Brand, your Sales Organization, and your Retail Partnerships. Executed with fidelity, you come out the other side more desirable, more effective, and more profitable…”
Osprey Packs, Inc, - Patrick Piller, Director-Sales Operations

“Bill J is the finest intermediary that HTSA has ever had. He understands the vendor & dealer dynamic better than anyone I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.”

HTSA Buying GROUP, - Richard Glikes, President Azione Unlimited, Former Executive Director

“Bill’s kick-off keynote presentation for our summit was insightful, to the point and enthusiastically delivered keeping the audience engaged and entertained. His vision of our evolving business environment struck a chord that resonated with the members.”

Brandsource / AVB, - Jim Ristow, CEO

“Bill J. actually understands what it means to walk a mile in another man’s shoes. He can see through a retailer’s eyes without taking off his vendor hat. We created great business together; Bill’s truly a terrific partner.”

Audio Video Systems, - Franklin Karp, COO

“Bill created many aspects of Bose’s dominant market share position at Best Buy. There are very few impact players I have met in 20 years in the business and Bill is one of them.”

Best Buy, Audio & Video, - Dave Happe, Mace Security International, Former Senior Buyer
“Retail Price Maintenance execution falls apart at Sales & Marketing if they cannot lead and execute. Bill understands the legal aspects of the program and can provide a vital bridge for the sales group and legal advisors.  A pricing policy will not be effective without sales and legal folks on the same page to create a successful retail program and minimize legal risk.”
Bose Corporation, -Mark Sullivan - General Counsel

“Sophisticated 21st century approach to marketplace management.”

Speedo / PVH, - John J Graham, President

“Bill is a seasoned veteran whose career has been spent affiliated with many best in class companies holding key positions in retail, manufacturing and distribution. He has much to offer his clients.”

Polk Audio, - Jim Herd, President, Retired
“Like many folks these days, we grappled with channel management issues that quickly outstretched our homegrown methods for strategy, management and enforcement.”
Osprey Packs, Inc, - Layne Rigney Sr, President

“The education alone from Bill was worth every penny.”

Kicker / Stillwater Designs, - Jeff Peters, Sales Manager, Elettromedia- USA Former Domestic Sales Director

“Trust the process, follow the process.”

CORE Brands, - Joe Roberts, President

“One of Bill J’s innate strengths is his capacity to clearly envision the desired end-result coupled with a proven ability to provide the leadership necessary to bring about the most preferred outcomes.”

Bose Corporation, The Americas, - John Geheran, Vice President Retired

“I’m most impressed with Bill’s talent in multiple disciplines, superior communication skills, attention to detail & his ability to maintain a pragmatic view of the marketplace from multiple perspectives. He presents a rare package of multi-faceted strengths in these days of narrow specialization.”

AVAD LLC Div. of Ingram Micro, - Joe Piccirilli, Former Executive CP of Business Development