2020 Planning Questions Brand Leaders Must Ask Themselves

Download 2020 Planning Questions (PDF) CUSTOMERS Are you viewing dealers as customers or as partners in delivering your intended customer experience? A sale is not a sale until the gear is in the customers hands, until [...]

What is the Customer Experience Digital Internet Economy?

Why should I care as a premium product manufacturer? Because your brands survival depends on it! 6 ARTICLES YOU CAN NO LONGER AVOID READING What is the Internet Economy?   The Violence of the Customer Experience  [...]

Selecting The Right Retailers

REALITY CHECK Retailers Own Your Customer Brand Perception & Experience. A loaded retailer is a happy retailer became a loaded retailer is an eBay retailer became a loaded retailer is transshipping and driving your online price erosion! [...]

Most Common Manufacturer Challenges

From working with hundreds of manufacturers, some common challenges in the expanding digital economy that Vision Werks is empowering them to overcome. Look familiar? Marketplace: Ecommerce disruption, no control Volatile pricing Amazon marketplace management Unauthorized sellers, transshipping and [...]