Download: Questions Brand Leaders Must Ask Themselves (PDF)


Are you viewing dealers as customers or as partners in delivering your intended customer experience?

A sale is not a sale until the gear is in the customers hands, until then its marketplace impact and destination is in the hands of your dealer. Place the customer, your consumer, at the center of operations. The customer is always right, your partner isn’t.


What contracts, policies, and methodology do have you in place to ensure internal and external accountability?

In this era of elevated reputation risk, random acts of sales not ‘doing what you say you are going to do’ will undermine integrity with partners and consumers. Robust standards are required guidance for effectively delivering your intended Customer Experience.


Are revenue, gut feel and relationships driving decision-making or is a system of data, information and intelligence reporting?

With consumers living online and retailers striving to keep pace with their expectations, proper technology selection and systems integration are crucial to survival. Pressure, hype and ‘shiny objects’ are the false drivers of more time and money lost. As data is the new oil, coming of age digitally is merely table stakes.


How senior is decision-making in applying uniform objective measures for authorization of Amazon marketplace sites and retailer URLs?

An intentional ‘team’ of Internet Authorized Dealers will optimize online revenue, minimize pricing instability, support unauthorized seller suppression and deliver a consistent brand voice. YOU are accountable for where your gear ends up.


Can dealers purchase any product and sell it in any channel?

It’s no longer ‘we need to be where the customer wants to buy’ it’s ‘we need to be where the customer wants to buy and receives our intentional customer experience’. Execution is the new distribution; more revenue, more control, and reduced operational costs from less retailers.


Is becoming an ‘authorized dealer’ general admission, with ‘best buddy’ dealers shipping status untouchable? Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands are reshaping retail with business models built on-demand creation and sell-through by executing an intentional customer experience. There’s a new method of valuing retailers and deploying resources based on their customer experience investments and capabilities.


Is your consumer brand messaging and emotional connection consistent online and offline across dealers and your DTC efforts?

With retailers juggling hundreds of brands, handing information off to intermediaries believing it is being uniformly distributed, appropriately received, and organizationally digested is really no communication at all. Your Brand Voice must be digital, targeted, frequent, consistent, unfiltered, and direct from the mother ship if it is to even begin providing the intended impact and utilization.


Are you ready to transition from an outdated culture of PO based compensation, organizational silos, analog business systems and fear of retailers?

A culture of riding on brand equity will be transformed by embodying the Marketplace Power Mindset across the organization. Building an intentional consumer experience communicating founders emotion, humanity of brand heritage, brand voice and product story will create a long-term, sustainable equity building culture that feeds itself.