So you’d like to grow your Marketplace Power Mindset with a 12-month Commitment?

Let’s see if the 12-month Commitment is right for you.


  • I want help with strategy on an ongoing basis
  • I want ongoing guidance from someone who is truly familiar with wholesale go-to-market business realities
  • I want Vision Werks and other top resources to analyze and provide guidance on my business
  • I want someone to hold me accountable to ensure development and growth are occurring
  • I want someone to guide me thru the Essentials for Execution Power on an ongoing basis


  • I want a silver bullet solution
  • I’m not wanting to do the work
  • I’m not open to receiving feedback on my business and processes
  • I don’t need ongoing help
  • I have manageable Marketplace Power and don’t care for ongoing strategy

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  • Interview

    • Discovery of the way you work, your current Go-To-Market, technology systems, perceived problems and goals /objectives
  • Insight

    • We’ll analyze your business and give you recommendations on how to move forward in building Marketplace Power
  • Perspective

    • We’ll narrow in on the primary issues in the way of delivering on your brand promise.
  • Unvarnished Feedback

    • We’ll be straightforward in communicating your unique obstacles to be overcome to build Marketplace Power in record time.
  • Organization

    • We’ll help you organize you Marketplace Power Framewerk and Essentials for Execution Power roadmap so you can make sense of where you stand.
  • Reporting

    • We’ll help you create reports that provide clear visibility so you know exactly what’s happening in your business.
  • Written Analysis

    • Identification of gaps in how people, process and systems are working relative to building Marketplace Power.
    • Execution level evaluation with specific actionable strategies and tactics to building Marketplace Power as applicable to the Marketplace Power Framewerk and Essentials for Marketplace Power.
  • Accountability

    • We’ll hold you accountable on a monthly basis to make sure everything is getting done that needs to be.
  • Results

    • We’ll implement proven strategies that get you results in the shortest amount of time

The Marketplace Power Mindset 12-Month Commitment Details

What You Get

2 hour 1-On-1 Online Assessment Interview
Live Full Day 1-on-1 Onsite Implementation
Execution Level Written Analysis
2 hour 1-On-1 Online Implementation Strategy Session
2 Monthly 1-on-1 1 hour Online Coaching Sessions
4 Monthly Group 1 hour Online Coaching Sessions
Vision Werks Educational Membership & Site Access (MPM tool Library)

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