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Level Up. Build Leverage. Grow Revenue.

  • Amazon & Marketplace Whack-A-Mole Winning?

  • Distribution Controlling You?

  • Margins Compressed?

  • Enforcement Overwhelming?

  • Revenue Challenging?

  • Resources Flat Out?

Internet pricing and stabilizing margins
  • Ready for More Than Another Band-Aid?

  • Ready to Get the Right Things Done Right?

  • Ready to Improve Your Consumer Brand Experience?

  • Ready to Manage Your Retail Relationships?

  • Ready to Protect Current & Pivot to GOOD Revenue?

  • Ready for a Tested, Durable Path Forward?

Amazon is leveling the playing field, social media is replacing the expert and tech is transforming business processes. The impact makes EVERYTHING YOU SAY AND DO MATTER! Your actions and their consequences can no longer be detached as the slippery slope gets steeper. It should be obvious curing foundational pain points with hope, short cuts, and band-aids is ineffective. Yes, it’s emotionally difficult to walk away from a habitual strategy even when you know it is working against you. Each time I changed mine, I regretted how long it took to realize it was time. So much time and energy wasted.

Ready to Stop Sabotaging Your Go-To-Market?

“I hear everything you’re saying, I love it and I don’t think I’ve ever had a guest pull together so much of what we talk about here on the podcast like you!”

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Kristin Carpenter, Host & CEO/Founder, Verde Brand Communications


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 We’ll Tough Love You Through the Anxiety and Resistance of Earning Marketplace Power


  • Internal Silos

  • Situational Standards

  • How Always Done It

  • Reactive Internet Tactics

  • PO/Revenue Tunnel Vision

  • Fear of Retailers

  • Filtered Communication

  • Constant Fire Fighting


  • Aligned Consumer View

  • Respected Credibility

  • Data Driven Decision-Making

  • Amazon/Online Management

  • Sell Through Velocity

  • Mutually Beneficial Partners

  • Direct Branded Touch

  • Commitment, Resilience, Grit

Indigitous logo“Working with you at the fundamental level in addressing root cause and making the hard decisions to set brands up for success should be a prerequisite for becoming an Indigitous client!”

Larry Pluimer, CEO/Founder, Indigitous & AmazonPOV.com Blogger

“Bell and Giro grew in speciality (retail). In fact they had one of better first quarters we’ve had in years. Giro snow helmet and goggle sales were especially strong moving past Oakley for second place in market share in that segment.”

Christopher Metz, CEO , Vista Outdoor


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